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Last night I was hosting live AMA (Ask Me Anything) about startup. It was amazing to see the response and queries about startup. Most of the things were revolving around funding and making it big.

I do agree to have big dream, but somehow everyone wants to make it big.

I wanted to give a little bit positive jerk to the wannapreneurs and startup founders who are having good idea and they are not coming up to the front just because of fear to loosing / social awkwardness.

There are plenty people who are copying ideas and trying to make startup and still pitching for investment and that’s why most of the investors are rejecting them. Now what we see as audience that the investors are not investing. So both investor and startup founders are not getting, what they trying since long and this can be concluded as nobody is moving ahead.

I request all the wannapreneurs & startup founders with great idea to reach maximum people from the ecosystem, make mistakes, learn from it and again hit the market. The startup ecosystem needs you & there are so many people to help you.

If you want you can reach me directly, I will surely help you.

Yogesh Thite
Startup Mentor


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