Do you think Instagram is the game changer for bloggers/influencers?


I have been working as a professional writer for more than 3 years now, and the blogging culture has evolved with time. From the time when authentic writing was the biggest strength of a writer, these days it has shifted to social media. If you as a blogger/influencer have a good amount of following on Instagram, only then you are considered to be a good one. Writing comes later, social media comes first.


Currently, for influencers Instagram is the IN THING but not unnecessarily a game changer because technology keep changing over the period of time.
People moved from Orkut > Facebook > Instagram

To stay relevant you will have to keep moving into new platforms where your followers are.

The major change that has happen is that written content is slowly taken over by Image / Video content.

We are just sharing our thoughts. You may or may not agree with them.


And new age implies such things like managing your audience and that’s truly great you have the power to share your vision with people you need to share it. Such services allow to cut all the toxicity you might get


I strongly believe that instagram is the game changer for bloggers and influencers and there are multiple reasons for the same :

Instagram has the strongest reach among all the social media domains and there is a pretty good reason to it. In instagram you can access or contact anyone across the globe. You can open up the profile of anyone and ping them.

The media utilisation of the platform in terms of photos, videos is doing wonders and achieving higher viewership than texts. Also it supports and enables bloggers and influencers to achiever higher rate of returns and easily allows them to transmit the message across.

note : I also feel that the community is inclining towards snapchat and it is on a race to replace instagram and facebook. lets see how they proceed against massive stacks of green of instagram.


Currently, Instagram is the best solution for advertising any kind of services or products online. It usually needs some additional tweaking with tools like for fast account boosting. I really recommend exploring all the features they have as it’s the only service that keeps working from its start till this day and the number of features is still increasing.