E-Commerce: Digital Marketplace for e-books is for sale!



Digital e-commerce Marketplace web application: http://trainingsameerpet.com/ ,is a Marketplace like amazon/flipkart with a twist. The people visiting the marketplace can register either as a Vendor or User or even choose to continue as a guest without needing to register. A guest/user is the one who do the purchase. A Vendor as the name suggests is the seller of his digital products. A Vendor is also a user by default. A user can later choose to become a vendor. Vendors would list their digital products like e-books/e-running notes/ audio, video lectures and can fix a price. As a marketplace we take a commission from the money earned from the product sale and transfer the rest to the corresponding vendor. Technologies used here are WordPress, E-commerce Plugin called ‘Easy Digital Download’ and many more plugins and features like user reviews, wish lists and acquisition survey. Shipping , Social Media login can be implemented as per the requirement.
There is still some content writing work is left. But I am not finding time these days as I am busy with other projects.
I am selling this as I want to be serial entrepreneur.
The Price I am coating is 4 Lakhs. You can negotiate.
Please contact me on shreeniwasg[at]gmail.com or 8801312208 for more details/demo.