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Hello Everyone,

My name is Sri Harsha. I am in Silicon Valley but I am originally from Hyderbad. I recently came across one of my friends Idea of Electric Vehicles. He already manages a company in India. We are trying to launch an Electric Bike which is not only just electric but also an Electric Generator.

This is a hybrid bike which means it will generate electricity to charge a battery and there by charging any of your equipment like a laptop, mobile phone or a small device. In a country like India we use our motorcycles for most of the commute. Imagine if we can introduce a vehicle which is lighter, half as costly as a motor cycle and also costs less to charge the battery (as it already have a generator) and also can be used as an exercise machine when not using. This is the idea. Now myself, I am giving him the support as a Research Engineer to do the simulations, experimental work related to the motors and controllers part. He is in-charge of the manufacturing. We already started the design work few days ago. Officially we do not have any design or presentation yet on the paper and it might take another couple of weeks from now. I am wondering if anyone are interested in Clean Energy Transportation Ideas or any of the E-mobility opportunities. I do have few contacts here in the valley and in India who can form a really good team as part of India and USA venture.

If anyone are interested in the idea or have any questions feel free to reach me here.


hi @sriharshakunda
i am very glad to see, you are see in clean energy, i like your approach and interests.
I have very basic and good ideas about electric vehicle design which can be accept all over the world, but due to problem of funding we are not doing any prototype which can work practically, if you are in interested to know my idea and design than tell me. i can definitely sure that you like my design which is more practical than any other vehicle. but still we have no prototype for this system. we are already research in public electric vehicle solution and private electric vehicle solution.
we resolve such a problem listed out below.

  1. Single trip KM solution.
  2. Recharging problem solution.
  3. Power mode / Normal Mode.
  4. battery life problem.

contact here on skype: bhargav.iredtech
or send me the private message here.

Have a nice day
bhargav h upadhyay


Hii guys,
I like the idea and working on similar one, not e-bike but smaller version .
I am interested to join. what ways I can help.?


Hi Harsha,

I have been doing research on the clean energy and Pollution free urban transport system in India. though its not particularly E-Bike, the idea i have been looking out for is successful in at least 45 countries in the world and want to implement the same in India soon. But a constraint of investment is the main hindrance to implement it soon. Anyways, if you are looking at exploring other options in the same field, i will really welcome you.

Please do connect me over my email id: sahoo.nrusingha87■gmail.com


Hello Bhargav,

Thanks for responding. At this stage we are doing Mechanical Design. I do understand you have solved a few problems related to the range and battery recharging problems. You can share your info with me here on the inbox if you would like to. I can also share some of the info I have and my insights into your product if you would like me to help you guys. Let me know.


Hello Mr. Sahoo,

That is very nice to hear. May be we should form a mutual group here and start developing the idea to go for funding. We have our company located in South India. We definitely need some help on the batteries and Mechanical Design part of the bike. I can not share who is our target market and what are our bike performance parameters here. But I can help you to share some of the scientific work and also some of the latest technologies we have been developing with connectivity. End of the day our goal is to have a clean transpiration solution in the Urban Space for shorter distance travel with the same performance as a gasoline motorcycle.Please inbox me your email as I can not see your email id here on the thread.


We definitely need young and energetic people to join us and work along. We need good CAD designers who are familiar with Solidworks and Ansys. We haven’t approached the VC circles yet. If you want to be part of the team please inbox me for details. I will share the details of our company in India.


Hello Harsha,

My name is p.harish. i completed mechanical engineering. i liked your idea even i have a concept of electric bike. i want to work with you. i have good command in CAD.

i have made some designs and models. if you have any doubts or you can contact me (pharish2580■gmail.com). this is my mail id.