Educational Qualification Requirements for Pathology Lab or Diagnostics Center Startup in India



Hi Folks… Is there any educational requirements for starting a pathology lab in India? What are the required license to run this business? Can a simple graduate start this business in India?



Yes, you need to have some DMLT certification.


Thanks for the information. I did some research and found that these license are required to run a pathology lab in India…

My question - I am bachelor in computer application. Can I start this business?


These are not licenses, they are certification/accreditation, most of them like NABL are voluntary and not a prerequisite to start a lab.
Clinical establishment act is not adopted in many states and hence there is no mechanism to get registered.
The most basic things you need is Shops act and any registratioon prescribed locally.
You as a Bachelor is CA can surely be a promoter, but you will need MD Path/Biochemistry/Microbilogy (depending on the specialty of test you want to offer) person as an authorised signatory for the reports.