Edutech Startup. Blogging And Tech forum for Engineering Students



We believe that creations & innovation plays an important

role in empowering India for future Generation. The I3 Hub (theme name) was place

where we provide support for the startups with the well trained

environment influencing the technology development. We’ll interact with

students to support and create platform for their ideas which worth their

dream. We also provide an infrastructural environment for work,

research, implantation of ideas. We support innovative Short-skills for

implementation and get them in the right path. This community includes

induvial developers, designers, creatives, researchers, Scientists,

engineers, technologists as well as non tech people looking for startups.

Key Features:

  1. Student Idea implement into reality
  2. Student tech interactive forum and community
  3. Students ideas showcase
  4. Training’s, workshops, conference
  5. Story board for startup companies and their product promotions
  6. Web Channel and Blogging
  7. E publications about tech startups and trends
  8. Career jobs, Internships in startup companies
  9. Connecting with engineering colleges and Started with good theme and new initiatives.

Please let me know about this. is this good theme to start a new startup.?

Can we generate the revenue on this theme.?

We want to change the student thoughts to get a job and aware about technology and trends.

Thanks in advance.