Effective B2B Targeting for LinkedIn Matched Audiences


LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful ad network that every business should engage with it. It has the unique ability to reach an audience by targeting their professional identity and this can be a big advantage for B2B marketers especially. . LinkedIn’s members are more motivated to keep their profiles updated and accurate.

What is a LinkedIn Matched Audience?

LinkedIn Matched Audiences allows you to boost your targets more carefully and even re-target potential clients and contacts with whom you have already connected. You can also connect with people on LinkedIn who have visited your website and draw from your customer databases to find premium LinkedIn contacts as well.

Before starting the campaign , you need to arrange setup of a new account or permissions to access the current campaign.

Step #1: Choosing a location

If you’re interested in targeting specific companies , you need to select a specific location according to requirement .Hence choosing a proper demography will help you to target right audience.

Step #2: Tailoring your target audience

You can select specific companies or industries, or choose your targets by company size. You can drill down to specifics requirements like job title, job function, seniority, field of study, skill or degrees. Those functions are more helpful when you’re targeting individual employees.

Step #3: Uploading a large account list

You can upload a list of accounts through the “Create an Audience” tool, found under “Target a List of Accounts or Contacts.” Name the audience, using some specific term that will help you quickly remember and differentiate it in the future.

Step #4: Adding your list to a campaign

Adding your list to campaign will help you to target right potentials at your campaign.

If you’re interested in keeping your brand fresh in the minds of people with decision-making power, this is the way to do it.

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