Entrepreneurship evaluation tool



Evaluate your entrepreneurship score now. It would be useful for Startups, Entrepreneurs, Business people and people who are planning or thinking whether I can start a business. It will evaluate a person’s entrepreneur skill .Evaluated based on 17 traits. It will give your Entrepreneur score, Strong areas, Area of improvements and also recommendations and suggested readings for improving the trait in which you need improvement.


Where is the link of the tool?


on a side note😌, though this is very simplistic, i found this cartoon particularly appealing / insightful.
Entrepreneurial assessment of individuals is quite an abstract concept if you ask me …


This post deserves standing ovation. Well Depcited.


Get access to the tool at http://www.ourbusinessladder.com/entrepreneur-evaluation-tool


Thanks for the link, just noticed that the test fee is $10.

Do you have any testimonial, white paper on the relevance of test.


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