Event management startup company


Want to start an event management company , just dont know how to start and where to contact , please help if you have any source .



Please start with meeting the clients, understand their requirement and source the service and fufill their needs, once you have done few assignments, you will know where to start with and how to priortise. Hope this helps. gbmarcom.in


Hi Debashis,

If you wish to start an event management business I have a great idea for you with ‘zero’ investment, except your time & efforts!

How about creating, launching & hosting mobile enabled quiz programs for companies who wish to ‘connect’ with their customers, staff and partners?

I can share a slide deck at no cost so write to me, ok?

Warm Regards



Hi Debashis
If you would like to start this startup in bangalore, i can help you. Please let me know.

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Good day Friend.

I need your assistance to move the sum of $26Million USD from my bank to you for investment project, i work with Hang seng bank Hong Kong Please reply for more details of this business deal.

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