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Dear friends,
Mental health is a very significant issue which is discussed nowadays. What is mental health? It is the quality of your mind’s well-being. The mind, the brain that we use for our day to day cognitive activities as well as emotional expressions, need to be taken care of. It needs to be treated like our physical body from time to time, to keep it healthy and hearty.

eWellness Expert (https://www.ewellnessexpert.com) is a reliable and safe online platform where world-class mental health professionals, Listeners and Peer Support Specialists provide effective counselling and medical advice to help people achieve emotional and mental wellness to lead happy and better quality lives. EWellness expert.com is an affordable podium which can be accessed by anyone irrespective of social and financial status. We offer beneficial treatment to each and every section of society because our aim is to ensure best mental health to the world. One healthy mind can nurture and develop several generations of good mental health.

We are a HIPAA compliant cloud based very secure platform which allows completely anonymous counseling and consultations with world’s top counselors and psychiatrists. We also have a great focus spread the awareness about mental health and fight the stigma and taboo attached to mental illnesses. We publish very high quality research based articles on regular basis which get a significant viewership. Our platform has an option to interact with other users using the forum functionality. we train and prepare free listeners, these are non-certified professionals who just want to help you vent out your feeling and get relieved. We have many peer support specialists who have been cured of similar mental issues and trained to help others.

Apart from free answers, our platform also provides paid text, audio and video based consultations. We have seen a significant amount of people getting benefited using both free and paid services.

Our vision - To make quality emotional and mental wellness accessible and affordable to everyone.


Great Platform. Thank you for sharing with us.


Thanks Abhishek. We are putting our very sincere effort to make a difference.


We are doing something similar in this field , which city are you based in ?


Hi Pankaj,
Good to know that Pankaj. Welcome. We are based out of Bangalore and USA. Please share your portal URL and your linkedin profile to know a bit better.
Please let me know if anything I can be help of or vice versa :slight_smile: