Experienced businessman, across many industries, Looking to invest in small businesses or start up's



Experienced businessman, across many industries, Looking to invest in small businesses or start up’s that think they are onto something but not sure how to build a business. Know their product, know their industries but need someone who can take care of funding/additional funding.
Open to a reasonably wide range of industries, albeit the business and sector must demonstrate sustainable growth potential.
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Our project start up is in final testing and would be launched in a month or so, we testing beta versions of the software, our hard work of 2 year on mobility solution will go into masses with many customer verticals, we are planned to launch in 3 top south Indian cities and planned to take 10 city with 6 months, right now its bootstrapped and after launching in 3 cities, we planned to rise funds, if your interested we can talk further, you can PM me.


hi @reggie like to know that, i like to get investment on it, please send me your mail or skype id for further discussion, we want investment from 5lakh to 15lakh if the person interested than most welcome, money return ration is 36% or more per year.
current turnover 6000 to 10000/per day
after your investment turnover will be 2lakh/per day
skype: bhargav.iredtech

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Hi @reggie,

I would like to connect with you. We are business consultants and come across several good projects which needs investments. We would surely like to collaborate with you for the same.

Please contact us through Skype or mail us at nehaatinfocrest.in


Contact Reginaldnancy (@) gmail. com


My name is Sachin, I live in India.

I have founded Organic pesticide company on June 10th 2015.

My company Strength…
• 14 Existing organic pesticide products.(Insecticide, fungicide, plant growth regulator)
• All products are developed by me.
• Number of staff (experience of atleast 1 to 17 years) is 55 people.
• Office in Mumbai.
• Manufacturing Facility in Mumbai.
• We served 50% Maharashtra state.
• Channel partners 100+ (Distributor & Retailers)

• Started with $1000 capital of my own and borrowed some from friends.
• My first year turnover was almost $2000.
• My second year saw a bit of growth $6000, In these two years I was the only true employee (I had on and off staff) of my company in every aspect also I did this to learn in & out of this Industry.(Manufacturing, packaging, marketing, collection, Document filling, you name it.)
• But I was not going to give up finally on my third year I shifted gear, my turnover rolled up to for ongoing financial year is more than $350000 & going up.

Why I need Funding:
• Can cater big market.
• Have 50+ Product tested and ready.
• To get more raw material stack in godown.
• Hiring new staff.
• Marketing…
• Machinery.

I would love to meet with you anytime, anywhere, for 15 minutes of you are intreseted in my business and my vision.

+91 8928536755.


Hi Reggie,

I am sunning a startup from past 4 years and have been successful in generating good growth rate, I am looking at investment to grow company to next level, please call to discuss 9108153153


Hi Reggie,

Greetings! Take a look at www.aaruni.co.
Let me know if you like what you see. I seek investment on mutually beneficial terms for Technology / industry solutions mentioned in home page.
Let’s connect if this interests you. I could be reached at ravi@aaruni.co or +91-9886640292

Ravi P. S.