Expert Opinion on What is right funding?



Hello Guys,

How many of you (Startups) are looking for funds? I guess many. How many people really get the funds? I am not counting number here.

Do you really know - when you should go for funding? Why only few people get funded?

The answer is simple, it is not a rocket science. There is no perfect timing to ask for funds, but yes there are better timings. Like - when the idea is validated, core team is in place, you have got traction in account and when you are planning for expansion.

Investors generally look for idea, market potential, core team, traction, equity offered, exit options and exit value.

The pitching founder should be good presenter, negotiator, have convincing and selling attitude to sell your idea to investors.

Kind Regards,
Yogesh Thite,
Startup Consultant
Founder & CEO - Meticulous


Dear sir
We are running food processing unite sinc last 2 year like health drink ,alovera drink and herbal cosmetics ,we have s 500acre own alovera and moringa farming and also processing unite of moringa leaf ,we want to promote it world level so we need funding so pls help us

         S R A AGRO Company
            Mehgoun behind mp