Exploring investments in innovative product ideas


Good day. Wherrelz Corporation would like to explore investment options.

Here’s what we are searching for:

  1. Product or platform (may be a re-imagination of something that exists - but copies are not welcome)
  2. Must have global applicability. Buying in China and selling to India is not global applicability.
  3. Include current rough financials and status (spend, market, influence, fundings, revenue, team)

What we give:

  1. Investment amount: 1L-10L at first cut.
  2. Support from a team of experienced product builders who have built over 36 product/platforms to date
  3. Other options may be explored : mezzanine funding, office space, senior team hiring, etc

If you can address your queries to startup■wherrelz.com that would be awesome.

Disclaimer: Wherrelz Corp is a US entity and may not directly be the investment vehicle. I am a director of Wherrelz Corp.


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