Exploring to JV in India to setup a International Interactive Digital Center in Virtual/Augmented Reality



Markora with EON Reality offers to co-invest for the establishment of an Interactive Digital Center Hub – including an EON Entrepreneur School and EON Innovation Program – which will generate the following benefits for the region: https://www.eonreality.com/applications/augmented-virtual-reality-education/
Investors are welcome to JV and collaborate with us.

• Supporting regional education and training facilities with faster Knowledge Transfer
• Strengthen the region’s position in the global race for knowledge
• Develop local skills in areas of rapidly growing demand within IT/media, and 3D/VR/AR in particular
• Drive job creation through incubation, entrepreneurship programs and start-up facilitation
• Increase income per capita by fast-tracking employable students in areas of high global demand
• Give competitive advantages to local companies by providing access to the latest VR/AR technologies with a target focus on Education and Vocational Skills, Industry 4.0 and Smart Nation application areas

Kindly PM me or email raj■markora.net or call +60122005040 for further investment and collaboration details.