Exploring to setup a International Digital Training Hub in Virtual/Augmented Reality



Dear friends ,my pleasure joining this group, I would like to explore with all of you Changing the dynamics in Education,Teaching,Learning and Training via our Virtual/Augmented Reality education program.
Fun Immersive and Re-imagining learning is the way to go.
Markora is ready roll out the Virtual/Augmented Reality education programs in India which will USD300.000.00 , kindly advise if any of you want to explore.

The benefits of teaching via AR/VR Digital Immersive Learning,

Harvard Business Review AR increased productivity
with 34% on first use.

UNESCO VR is increasing comprehension,
understanding and, especially motivation for learning.

BBC 86% of students in the classroom improved their
test results, attention levels doubled to 92% from 46%

Temasek Polytechnic: Students with VR training had
higher mean performance test scores and high levels of
self-determined motivation.

African VR Survey : 95% rated VR lessons as “good to
excellent” and 74 % felt “confident” about the learning
obtained from VR

Texas Instruments Case Study 3D lesson provide a 35 %
increase in test scores, lesson, which normally requires 2
to 3 class periods was taught in just 1 class period.

Markora delivers Immersive and Virtual Education suite solution in Virtual/Augmented Reality to Universities, Skills Development, Academies and Vertically to any industries with our own AR/VR/3D/4D platform.

Give us a shout for further details at raj■markora.net