Failed Entrepreneur


After bootstrapping my startup for almost one and half years, I’ve closed my startup. I failed to fund my company or to turn the company into profitable.

Now I’m getting depressed. I don’t have patience anymore.
How to go through this phase.?


Patience and Time is key of success. Fund is not primary thing you should look. Figure out new ways to sell your product or service.

Successful entrepreneur are those who can turn table with limited resources.


All entrepreneurs fail .
Closing your startup should not end up as a blaming exercise either about yourself or your partners, but instead be an opportunity to post a blog with specific details on what it is your original objective of creating a startup was , and how far you were able to arrive in reaching that goal.


Sulking wont get you anywhere close to success rather introspect and correct mistakes, ask people for feedback, make alternate means of marketing/generating revenues and keep trying and pushing…feel free to ask for help


Believe me, failure is one of the best thing that can happen to you. Especially early in your journey. I’ve gone through a similar phase myself. Not knowing what to do and how to move forward in both career and life. But the lessons that were learnt during and after the first failure was the foundation on which the second startup was built. And so far so good.

So, don’t get depressed. Get up, walk first and then run. Make fresh mistakes and don’t repeat the old ones.



Put Best Efforts, Everything become alright,

Work two more hours Everyday, definitely will get Fruit out that , Thanks,Veena , Niche Hiring , Bangalore


Agreed on Ron comments… you know I have failed four times to be a sucessful entrepreneur, still trying hard to be successful for the next time… failure is the learning. to get success… I still hope this time, i will succeed… even i fail, will try for the next, but do not leave my dream to be an entrepreneur


Can you give more details about your idea?


Dont worry…there will be failures . Let there be a learning…capitalise and look for alternatives… look for a new angle.


Don’t worry. I am bootstrapping for more than 3 years now. Remember Rome was not built in a day or two, it may take years. Just keep walking and one day you would be successful.

Oh by the wayI also have written a book about failures of life specially the failure in startup scenario. Do give it a read and let me know in case if you would.