Finally i decided to sell my Startup


I invented a new type of solar cooker and applied for patent.And i registered a private limited company and registered in the Startup India Program and got the DIPP Number.

Because of my poor financial background,lost month i asked here, Should I sell my Startup Company or any other way to continue?

I got total seven replays from Startupsforum members.I reviewed all seven suggestions.Thank you all for your valuable replays.

For my education qualification,i will not get above 10K salary for full time job. So finding a temporary job is also not possible for me.

I approached two major solar companies in Bangalore.But they are not ready to divert their priority to this product.For applying Startup India loan,i need to register my company as MSME. For MSME registration needs to show investment in plant and on machinery.For this again i need 8-10 laks.

i seen last week’s Prime Minister’s speech in Bengaluru about " ". But as per my personal experience it needs at least 6-8 month to get the benefits.also at least i need to invest 25-30% personally. That means again i need 8-10 laks and lot of time.

Already i invested 6-7 lack money to this project.But now i am not even able to invest 50K also.

Considering all these reasons finally i decided to sell my startup. So i request all forum members here,please guide me how to get buyers,what is the procedures to transfer a company to others and what price can i ask?

Praveen Kumar


Dear Praveen,
Considering you are innovative to have invented something of your own i would say you are in the 1 or 2% of startups forum members, most of us are still in the process of doing so , and have invested a few years already in the process :smiley:

Your product has potential for the millions of poor households all over the country, but you must have the patience and the strength to wait for your time of opportunity.

The main take away from your cooker invention is of course the lessons you have learnt and the hard work that you have put into the process. While you might be successful in selling the Intellectual Property to make ends meet, what of course is equally valuable is your inventing prowess, which you must keep safe, until it can be used again.

What are the skills you have learnt in the process of inventing your cooker ?
Those skills should land you a decent job in the manufacturing industry, with a bit of luck.
Try contacting ITI , Bangalore they should be able to give you practical advice.

If your product it is still in pilot form, i think you should still work towards perfecting it and then doing some marketing / advertising to get in touch with interested folks.

You need to get in touch with a good marketing agency , who can help you market your solar cooker . There are many marketing people in the Indian Startup ecosystem with a good heart who can help you market your solar cooker for a minimal fee.

I personally recommend my friend @tapabrata.maitra who is a marketing campaign manager & trainer. He is also forming his startup and i am sure he would like the opportunity to work with you and market your solar cooker, assuming it is in some sellable condition.
This is just a suggestion.


Hello Ron, mkpraveen,

Reading through your statement here, I think i might get you in touch with some people in MSDE (Govt. of India), they do have some solar related training going on across the country. As you have somewhat of a hands on experience in handling/designing solar equipment, you might attend a faculty development program in solar business (sometime they are free of cost, sometimes they cost about a 1000 inr, but seats are always limited) and later on could start your own solar trainings. This should get you some funding to continue your work and it would also improve your reputation in selling your patented product. I’d be happy to assist you in any marketing related activity.

Thanks Ron, mighty good job to help out a fellow entrepreneur. Mkpraveen, I might be too young to offer any advise, but the key is not to give up on what you have, put you skills to good use and make do with whatever you’ve got. I think you’ve got plenty. :smile:


Thanks for your reply.

7 month’s back i attended 2 full days solar related training program and received certificate from MSDE
But in total 46 topics there is not a single topic about how to get this type of new solar cooker’s R&D support/MNRE approve/testing centers/Govt schemes etc.

They are only concentrating on-grid, off-grid, hybrid solar plants and the schemes.

They showed some YouTube videos about conventional cooking methods that i already seen :smiley: For that I paid Participation fees of Rs. 7500/- That is my one month income: :tired_face:


Make a video of your solar cooker , demonstrating how it operates.
Even for you to reach a wider audience across the country to sell the technology , or to reach out to potential enthusiasts who want to emulate your passion, the video will be helpful.



Use below link to register for MSME Online using your Aadhaar number for free.


Hey…Praveen…dont get disheartned…We can make a team…else you can apply on startup portal of ONGC…Else get connected to me…9352952689 Reetesh…