Finding Co-Founders,Investors for Hybrid Motorcycle Startup..Next Generation Electric Revolution



Hello everyone…I am graduate engineer, am a Innovator of Next Generation Hybrid Electric Motorcycles…i have made a prototype of my own and yet to publish in media…I am planning to start a Hybrid Motorcycles Eco-friendly Startup…Looking for Co-founders,investors,seed funders who are interested to have the bounty full of profits for EV Industry can contact me on dhanushkumart4 at


Nice doing. as i know some limitation on the electric bike are you resolve that problems?

  1. Availability of the recharge station
  2. Quick recharge solution
  3. Limits in KM
  4. Fiber body
  5. After all this limitation it is expensive compare with traditional vehicle.

If you are solves it out than very nice project from your side, if you are not solved it than contact me, i already solves this things. i will also contact you on ur gmail id.

Have a nice day


Hi, please share more details by PM.