Finding Team Members for Start Ups



As a Start Up, we need be penny wise. However, it’s a given fact that one needs to continuously invest money in marketing and operation for greater success.

With this premise, what are the tools - resources - start up’s should consider to recruit the team members? we have tried a bit on social media pages of start ups and groups. even invested money in Linkedin recruitment services - although we had received 12 applications but none were exciting. In fact 50% of them - when contacted simply reply that they have accidentally click on the Apply button. Even tried out with web sites providing interns for short period.

The intention of starting this discussion - is to know, how others have succeed on this front?

closing the topic with the quote,'Someday you will look back and understand why it all happened the way it did."


I used LinkedIn recruitment service, response was okay however none of them fit the bill.

I also used the newspaper advertisement and it didn’t worked either.

For is worked the paid service. What is amazing is free service of and also received the same number of responses.

Used let’s intern and Internshala. However getting work done from remote location is not proving to bring any results. It’s a one way street of spending your time.


Hi Yasham,

Thanks for sharing the input. Post your message, i had tried and so far (in 7 Days) 25 people have viewed the opening and 2 interview have been scheduled. Although - still not lucky in finding the Right Match but job posing on had worked well.

Best Wishes,
Hardik Shah |


Did you find the resource you were looking for. What worked for you ?