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You can start the business by choosing any form among following:

  1. Sole Proprietorship
  2. Partnership
  3. Limited Liability Partnership
  4. Private Limited Company
  5. Non Government Organization.

Besides the above,

Startups are in the dilemma that how to get funds for their business!
What are the tax compliances!
What are the other legal Compliances!

We will help you here to solve all your problems. You can ask your query and i will advice you.


I want to start an eCommerce site. So I have few questions

  1. What will happen if i start it without registering?
  2. Should I register it as pvt limited or any other?
    3.Is it necessary to register trademark?
    4.What would be the approx cost for all legalities?
    5.What are the best options to do it in one go and reasonable price


Dera Ramiz,

Business registration is beneficial for making organised contract relations with customers, suppliers, and governments. Moreover, it keeps your personal and official transactions separately.

I am answering your questions hereby point wise:-

  1. It May lead to government interruption as business can not be run through personal accounts. You can run only through Current/Business Account. Moreover Income Tax Department/Sales Tax Department/Service tax Department will have objection.

  2. You can choose the option of business type as per your business nature, turnover and initial investments. Register a Private Limited company cost arounds 15K.

  3. Trademark registration is optional till time you get reputation in the market and other can take benefit by your business.

4.Cost of Private Limited company Is around 15K. And Sales Tax registration cost depends upon state to state.


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Hello Friends,
I have one query. I was doing trade in Shares and commodity Market. Now, I have joined a Govt Job in MP state Govt . I have heard that a A govt employee can not do trade in stocks, shares and debenchers.
I have read the rules but not clear about it. Is it banned to trade stocks and shares in NSE and BSE in D-MAT Account. And he is allowed to trade in Commodity segments, because they are based on contract expiry. In commodity, one can speculate for a limited time one or two months etc.

Please help me with detail explanation.

Rules are attached below.

Best Regards,
Rajneesh K Singh

“There is no absolute ban on investing in stocks however speculative trading (may include derivative trading) is not allowed. As per CCS (Central Civil Services) conduct rules 1964, investments in shares, debentures and mutual funds can be made by the Government servant. However “frequent buying and selling” of these are considered as “speculation” and is banned. Also for transactions above certain value, the government officers have to inform prescribed authorities.”

(1) Transactions in sale and purchase of shares and debentures etc.
The provisions of sub-rule (4) of Rule 18 of the CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 provides that the Government or the prescribed authority may, at any time, by general or special order, require a Government servant to furnish within a period specified in the order, a full and complete statement of such movable or immovable property held or acquired by him or on his behalf or by any member of his family as may be specified in the order. Such statement shall, if so required by the Government or by prescribed authority, include the details of the means by which or the source from which, such property was acquired.

  1. Sub-rule (1) of Rule 16 also provides that no Government servant shall speculate in any stock, share or other investment. It has also been explained that frequent purchase or sale or both, of shares, securities or other investments shall be deemed to be speculation within the meaning of this sub-rule.
  2. It has been brought to the notice of the Government that a number of employees are investing in shares, securities and debentures etc. frequently. With a view to enable the administrative authorities to keep a watch over such transactions.
    it has been decided that an intimation may be sent in the enclosed proforma to the prescribed authority in the following cases :-
    (i) Group ‘A’ and ‘B’ Officers – If the total transaction in shares, securities, debentures or mutual funds scheme etc. exceeds Rs. 50,000/- during the calendar year.
    (ii) Group ‘C’ & ‘D’ Officers – If the total transactions in shares, securities, debentures or mutual funds scheme etc. exceeds Rs. 25,000/- during the calendar year.


Hi I am pharmacist and my friend is a doctor we both want to open a hospital .is it possible that we go under patnership by law. Because somebody told me that doctor and pharmacist can not go under a patnership


hi niraj sir
I have no pan card so my salary cut 17000 thousands how to retransfer in my account
tds only 800


I have a question, I am using a brand name for years for my work, recently i got to know that I can’t get that name for privet limited registration. (Some similar name are already registered. ) Now i am in trouble, although my brand name is not registered in Tradmark by me or anyone, its available .
Now How could I work under my desired name ? any suggestion ? Is it possible that I register my company with other name and then I take tradmark of my brand name and work under that ?



You can register a private Limited Company with any name that is available with MCA and later on you can register your desired trademark/brand with IP authorities if available.


You need to first take PAN number and then give it to your company and request to mark your pan for TDS deducted. Then you can file ITR to claim refund.


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Hello Neeraj Ji,
How are you, my name is Mohammed Hasnain i need your help…i am very frusted my current status…i am so confussed how to tell someone about my financial status…currently i am working in reputed gym as a Branch Manager but the director of this gym is pay the salary in cash…how to show my salary…and other thing is i am also run a home visit based fitness services this services is registered in local corporation but till date i am unable to show my income…now we need a loan for start a new bussiness but banks are required salary slip / bussiness documnet but we don’t have any document…so please give me suggestion what can i do now…which steps are doing to solve this…please help


Hello Sir,
I have a small doubt: Does it matter in which Indian state company is registered for a startup (in the Investors point of view)?

Thanks in advance.


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I want to start register a web site which educational and will be platform for children to practice their preparation.To open the current account in bank what type of registration certificate is need. Is it MSME OR MSME + GST


i had invested 300000 in bitcoin 6monts ago. now i want to send 300000 back into my account should i come under the tax return?


Why do u want to go for MSME


Dear Neeraj,

We are an online marketplace for services and we think that India is not the right market to do the invoicing from. Need your help to understand the kind of structures we could have between the Indian entity and a Dutch company.
Please let me know if we could have a chat.


We need suggestion on share dilution, on our first round of investment, please reply so i can share in detail