Free Startup Promotion on LinkedIn



Promoting startup needs a good amount of funds. With this thought I have an idea to promote startup for “FREE”

At least this will help startup in initial stages. I know this will not generate sales but potential investor can notice, they might get a co-founder/team or they will get a boost to work more effectively.

To all experts / leaders -
There are many people on LinkedIn with great number of active and engaging connections. You only need to post about good startup once or twice in a week. So many people will come to know about it.
Are you in for this? Then please message me.

To all startups -
If you think you need such kind of help then please fill this form.

To submit your startup, fill this form Startup Promotion on LinkedIn

Kind Regards,
Yogesh Thite
Startup Consultant & Mentor


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Use this - Startup Submission Form - Startup With Meticulous