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Hi There,

This is Uday from Hyderabad. Actually I want to start a freelancer site just like Elance, Upwork, peopleperhour & so on… Not exactly same there will be few changes to catchup with Indian market. So for this I’m looking for a experienced person who is already into this field. Who can join us if needed. and I need to know your view on this.

  1. How to start?
  2. What would be the team like?
  3. About fund’s
  4. Indian Market? (key points to go with)


Hey @udaym,
What exactly is your motivation behind wanting to create such a site, considering there are quite a few of them ?

Before beginning any large project where the competition is stiff , try to find likeminded people you can build this service with, that way you can get different perspectives on the problems you are going to face,and also complementary skills.
Start by advertising your startup idea on forums, and especially if the idea is fresh, at a few startup conferences, like this one called Startup BootCamp .
You could also network for your idea on F6S, LinkedIn, and also contact specific people in Recruitment and Project /Management / BPO Consulting you come across, to give you some initial leads/ assistance on building your professional network.

India , in particular, being a huge IT services hub , you are going to find lots and lots of vendors, service providers , freelancers willing to list on your new site, for which you need to do so marketing of your brand, or tie up with a marketing agency.
However the catch is getting people to list their IT projects on your site, not to forget the integration of escrow like mechanisms on your platform to enable smooth transition of funds from client to service provider.

I really am not able to understand what is the unique value proposition to clients / service providers you hope to provide by creating a freelancer site. Not that there can be no benefit, but i dont see it articulated in your OP.
If you can clearly explain what you find missing , based on some research, in sites like Elance and, then one can hazard a guess how to get this idea funded, or if it is worth bootstrapping.


Did you start building the website?


Nope not yet started. we are about to.