From 3 years we are in Kolkata as a Web development Company


But now i need a good plan for my business to grow faster. Do your suggestions for it. If any one like to join with us for different services then always welcome.



As you are into Web Development, then also you can put your hands into Digital Marketing services. Because any website which is developed, the next step is marketing & promoting it.

So you can go with services like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Campaigns etc depending on your client needs



My suggestion is go for some niche products. Web development, web design and SEO SEM PPC are too common now a days. Almost everyone in India comes into this business. Think some different way out. Where one have to invest less and earn more.
Software is such an area where u invest less but the growth is exponential.

I have some idea with me if u interested I could share my idea with you. I am also from Kolkata and doing me web development and web application business.

  • Saumava Das