Fruits and Vegetables washing solution


"Bio-accumulation of pathogens/ Pesticides-residues/ Heavy metals causes more than 1 million serious health issues"

About the Campaign

The Story-

Middle class people go to market buy fresh produce asks about whether it was grown properly getting a affirmative reply,person buys fresh produce brings it home cooks and eats it,hoping that everything he/she ate was clean.But is it true ?

It takes several steps to get food from the farm or fishery to the dining table.Contamination can occur at any point along the chain—during production, processing, distribution, or preparation.These contaminants are bio-accumulated on surfaces of fresh produce which are not easily removed by manual washing.


There is a rising problem of food-borne diseases in India due to consumption of infected fruits and vegetables.Fruits and vegetables bought from market contains contaminants like pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides-residues which are not washed away by simple washing and cooking and when consumed causes health hazards.

Here is a chance for anyone to give us support in fighting the cause.


We are a team of 2 students both belonging to middle class family who understand this problem and health hazards associated with contamination in Fruits and Vegetables. We also understand the helplessness of a common man in not able to solve this problem. Dedicated to find a solution we have used our limited academic resources,time and limited money and have successfully developed a unique solution.

Our product has gone through multiple number of testings on fresh produce bought from market and results are positive in washing away contaminants.

Our solution is made from food grade chemicals and is not toxic for consumption.

**Current stage-**Our product"vegclean solution" developed in the microbiology lab of NIT Rourkela and now in the process of certification from ‘HACCP’,‘FSSAI’,‘NABL’ laboratory and after successful certification we plan for small scale first batch production of our product.

Team members:- B. Shukla and Amit kumar , students of NIT Rourkela currently doing their in Biotechnology.


Our product which is targeted towards middle class and lower middle class Indians who are still practicing unhygienic ways of washing food and can’t afford high technology machines to clean their food.

We as a team believe food must be eaten in their pure form and we want to spread this message through our product.

Our objective is to give people hygiene ways of cleaning food.

Our product is efficient in washing away contaminants( Pathogens / pesticides residues etc.). It is made from 100% food edible ingredient, Alcohol free and affordable.We believe our product will surely help in improving eating standards of people.Its projected price is Rs. 60 to 70 per 250ml (while other similar products in indian market are much costly than ours and their efficiency is also equal to ours).
We are launching this product by next month in a city for market test purpose in our nation.

"Please give feedback/suggestions/others about our startup with this product. And mention where to launch first
** (a) Bhubaneswar " (b) Delhi © Rourkela , our nearby city © in some cities at a time.**
Your replies will help us to make some very important conclusions before launching"


Is there any statistics from the government or health ministry to support this assertion ?

Can simple washing be not replaced with a nationwide, govt. funded campaign on treatment of vegetables prior to cooking. Due to this contamination Green Leafy Vegetables like Palak are washed 5 or 6 times before consumption in most households. Such practices are part of our tradition passed down from generations.

There is a general hysteria that fruits bought from supermarkets are not clean and since they are treated with pesticides, they need to be thoroughly cleaned. I dont think anybody knows the RIGHT WAY to clean fruits/veggies, or even if there is a health ministry prescribed way to do it.

By ushering in your new product, you are changing a customer experience and hence you would need a proper marketing campaign (door to door, signboards, television) before product launch.That way you can achieve pan national footprint.

All the best.


ya man, there is a ‘CD Alert’ magazine, u can check on ,


thnx buddy for suggestion , actually we r launching our product in delhi for knowing the market and customer live perception for our product as a test phase before going throughout indian market.Very soon after test phase, we will launch the product in other cities…


hi bro @amit_kumar2

You can start form delhi so yu can get huge mass. this is good idea, i like your innovation and good going on it. :+1::+1:

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hey bro, thnx for suggestion


hi, i am interested in your product.I am from delhi, you must start your startup from delhi, because here is the mass population, and most of them are well aware of health issues. good luck dear