Functional Business Analyst


I have worked as functional business analyst for past 7 years in retail, healthcare, education domains . I am interested to be a part of an interesting start up. Please let me know if anybody needs a resource like me.


Hi Salman,
I am putting a retail tech solution from the ground up.
Right now it is the Conceptual Modelling / UML stage.
If you are interested in knowing more about it , do hit me up.

There are a couple of Retail Tech conferences coming up this year, and i am planning to present the MVP to atleast one of them.


Sure Ron I have worked in retail application for 4 years.
Merchandise planing suites, retail planner, POS

Would like to know about your product
You can connect with me on Salman.enc■gmail


will do !
also avoid mentioning email on the public post, as per forum guidelines put it in a private message.


Oh…sure will keep in mind