Funding/Investment Needed for FinTech Start-Up



I would like to introduce myself as a Fin-Tech STARTUP Founder based out from Bangalore (Karnataka, India). We have developed the technology platform which can seamlessly integrate with the existing Mobile Banking App of Banking institutions and enables it to accept payments with or without INTERNET connectivity. Our patented Offline Mobile Payments technology is the only payment system that can facilitate digital payments without depending on INTERNET connectivity, No NFC, No QR Code or No Ultra Sound Wave Technologies.

Venture is founded by Mr. Prashanth B Naik & Mr. Shivaprasad K. Prashanth has 9+ years of experience working on providing technology solutions for large enterprises in UK, USA and India. Shivaprasad has 24+ years of experience in Information Technology, starting from bottom line experience till Senior Level administrative experiences. He also has worked with companies in USA & India.

India is on its way to becoming a cashless society. To achieve this goal India needs an infrastructure that enables digital / cashless payment without dependency on internet. With our OMP™, 80% of Mobile Banking can be done without internet. OMP™ is the single most important payment system that every bank needs to offer its customer. OMP™ can finally enable customers to send and receive money anywhere, anytime and without the use of Internet. This technology has the potential to solve the problem of financial inclusion of rural India. OMP™ can help the banks to grow, facilitate customers with easier transactions / payments and enable merchants sell their products without the use of internet.

Value Proposition (for Banks): E-Banking is the focus of the current banking industry. Every Bank is trying to extend its reach to its entire account holder. After demonetization, the Digital Payments are widened day-by day. However, the Internet penetration is the sole blockade in the journey. The non-penetration of Internet in Urban/Semi Urban/Rural Areas, Very low bandwidth in tier-2 & tier-3 cities, in-dependable internet connectivity in heart of Capital cities made people to rethink twice before start using these banking mobile apps. They may not be able to make the payment, when they are very much required to pay off, due to internet connectivity. We believe that, with alternative to Internet, banks can now expand its reach to every nook & corner of the India.

Coming to the point, the current status of my project is under POC stage and discussing with major financial institutions to implement the technology with existing banking application, But due to lack of finance I am not able to move further.

Should you be interested in this cooperation or have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact by PM.


Any screenshots/ demo videos?



Do write to us at nitins[@] So that we might be able to provide you assistance in getting you investment through our upcoming investment program.

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Hi Nitin, I have shared the details on your email. Please have a look and let me know if you need anything.

Prashanth B


Please share your email id. i will share the product screenshot.

Prashanth B


Hi Prashanth, I have replied to your email. Just let me know if you are interested so that we can carry it forward.



Can you share more details about your product like demos or working examples? It seems like you are solving internet problem here which is not specific to banking industry.


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danishâ– is my email id please share your demo videos and screenshot to given id for further communication


Can you share Details about your products.


intrested inbox me details mohankrishnamuddaâ–