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Dear All,

If a startup is doing very well and generating good no. of revenue as well as making good no. of customers but due no NON IIM tag or don’t know the reason why? Startups are not getting initial funds to scale their business even though they have very very good opportunity to Develop the plan as well as Investors Money.

What to do?


I can understand your situation very well being an entrepreneur myself, This is the phase wherein you have to be strong mentally to take right decision at right time, If you believe in your idea or business what you are doing is right and will grown than surely somewhere someone will notice and you will also be funded. Just keep trying and never quit.


What is your business idea and Concept?How much fund you needed


Thanks for the reply and yes that’s what an entrepreneur can do but it seems an IITian tag is must to be an entrepreneur even though many of them are only playing with Investor’s money.


Hi Nitikesh,

Thanks for showing Interest. Share your contact coordinates or Let’s connect at Sumit■ or 999-999-4618 to discuss the same in detail.




This is a common scenario, but no one can say NO permanently to you. You have a concept, it cannot be taken away from you. Equally important is how well we present our ideas/start up. There are potential investors who dont go with the tags, we need to find them. Dont apply to each and every program you see online, you will be disappointed, choose the ones useful and fitting your need.


Thanks Dear, you are right we have to keep on moving, things will automatically start rotating towards us.


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