Funding Required for Education Startup



Hello Sir,

My name is Ayush Agrawal.
I am a one person education startup.
My startup centre’s around the idea of private tutoring.
GRE/GMAT can be tough.
I have given the GMAT 4 times and I know.
I did not get a good score each time even though my mock scores were 700+
I am a private tutor who will guide students every step of the way for $100 only and if they do not get their desired score, I shall not take payment from them.
My package gets them all right discounts with all the right prep companies.

I will guide them on what service to buy of which prep companies, saving them 1000s of dollars at the end of the day as I have been there, and done that.
I will be their guide, provide them personal coaching on concepts, and even prep them for your live sessions with prep companies and give them lots and lots of notes and problems to solve.

Competitive exams are expensive.
I want to help them make the right choice.

At the end of day, I will make sure their money is not wasted.
Also, if they do exactly as I say, they can clear this exam in 5-6 weeks.

My terms that are right now best in industry
Payments will only be taken post your GMAT.
I trust my students to be honest.
I conduct mocks and interview before taking students.

I have gotten a lot of calls from interested candidates and venture funding companies and I would like to take this opportunity to give some basic clarifications so that you guys know Private Tutoring 101 while students are associated with AYAK Consultancy.

  1. I only charge after students give GMAT Exam. Charges are $60 for individual subject (Flat rate) and $100 for complete package.
  2. I only take limited students (10-12) per month.
  3. Because I take limited students, I concentrate on them 2-3 days a week through doubt clearing / strategy sessions.
  4. I do not promise a 700+ score to students. I will see students mock score and then tell them beforehand if I can help them. If so, I will give them a range where I can get you in 5-6 weeks.
  5. 5-6 weeks is the maximum time I spend with a student.
  6. I will require students to join some third party online self prep video / text based teaching online services. This will be in Week 2. These may include one or two of the following based on your specific weak areas. All these guys are the best in the industry in terms of content but again, its no size fits all. If they join with me and I feel they are better off with X company then with Y company, I shall advise them to join X and follow its schedule. I am at the end of the day a private tutor and will be teaching students their schedule and material so they can outperform the rest, but which service is best for them I will only be able to recommend based on their initial mock score and personal goals from GMAT.
    List of Some of the Best. List is not Exhaustive:
    a. E-Gmat
    b. GMATPill
    c. Target Test Prep
    d. Prep Scholar
    e. ExamPal
    f. Magoosh
    g. EmpowerGMAT
    f. GMATPrepNow
  7. I will require students to purchase Veritas Mock Tests / Manhattan Mock Tests in Week 3 / 4 depending upon your grasping speed.
  8. Students will be required to follow my error log.
  9. Students will be required to purchase OGs or arrange their own copies. I will provide students links to all the OG Directories on GMATClub. For most of my students, that is enough.
  10. Students will not be required to purchase QP1 , Exam Pack 1&2. They will be required to give GMATPrep Exams 1&2
  11. They may be required to purchase your copy of PowerScore Bible.
  12. They may be required to purchase GMATClub Tests.

Again, its no size fits all.
I only take 10-12 people a month.

I am looking for venture funding for my business.
You can call me on +919425412028 or email me on ayakconsultancy■
I want to become a handholding guide for students GMAT journey.

You can call me on +919425412028 or email me on ayakconsultancy■ if you want a handholding guide for your GMAT journey.

You can also visit my URL at


Guys good news,
We have hit ramen profits and now targeting 70 Lacs Profits in Yr 1.
We are keeping a simple model.
Total expense should be less than 5 lacs this year and profits should be 70 Lacs.
We are not not looking for funding.



We are startup consulting and business planning. We can help & consult you right from idea to make it reality.
Also can help you fund raising,

PM for details.



We are looking for like minded people to join us in our startup.
We are making revenue each month.
We manage to pay our bills.
We want people who can help us grow.