Fundraising Stuck due to Govt License (DIPP413)



Hi All,

We have developed a working business model, which requires license from Govt Body. Now to apply for the license you need to have a net worth of 20 Cr where the license cost 10lakhs. Due to this license cost and minimum requirement of net worth we are unable to get investors because to make a worth of 20 Cr it becomes difficult for us to share our equity.

Hope anyone could suggest the path we should follow, we have our product and ecosystem is ready for deployment. Once we are able to get the license, we have great opportunity to hit the untapped market.

Thanks and Regards


Have you tried contacting DIPP? Send an email to DIPP and let us all know their reply.


Thanks Abhishek, We have raised this query with Startup India Hub, hoping for a positive answer !!


Hi Tarun,

Not sure what product you are involved in, contact me. Lets see if I can find a way out.