Get funding for online library app



Hello ,How are you,
I have an idea of making an app which allows user to get more closer with books.Our app would allow user to share review about the book with fellow readers globally,they will get update of books according to their genre ,they follow the authors,new writers can launch there books.If anyone is interested can contact with me


Sounds like a great idea for Digitization of Libraries in educational Institutions.
If you want to talk, do DM.


yes my idea is same like the links you send



Please refer my venture KOPY KITAB.COM, its a 4 year old venture on similar lines. Please work on the framework, how to fight KINDLE.

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Can I know more about the app?


Can you explain your business model and how you are planning to generate revenue?


Can i pm you? or give your email address.


Can I know how you are paying to publishers from where you are bringing books?


Send a private message.


i have 20 years of experience in library digitisation proving service to 23 countries.

I founded this company in 2009 it’s 100% EOU.

Last year I have started a new company Swift ePiblishing and started proving service in India.

You can download our product Swift ebook reader from andriod store. You can read both ePub and PDF files.

I’m developing a product for libraries to search and retrive the archives and will launch in August.

I’m also developing a platform for engineering students to replace books with ebook with Elearning content with other unique features.



how to get engineering books. i want of Mumbai university