Get Your company featured on a digital media publishing platform


Topyaps is a digital media publishing company and write viral content/create and distribute to all social media audiences and spread the word of the Brand/services/offerings etc. With a monthly reach of 100 million plus– is a brand, enthusiastic about introducing other brands, successfully, to a widespread social audience.

What makes our podium so unique and credible is the use of Data science technology which extracts knowledge and insights from our audience and sets our target people accordingly and in return, promises massive engagement across all age groups at every social network like Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter etc which is the core aim of all the brands.

Content in 4 languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil


I frequently browse Topyaps. I would love to get my startup featured in Topyaps. How can we proceed further? Can you pm me the details?



Greetings from studiofifi.
We are a team of Creative Thinkers, located in Pune, dedicated to deliver your business with the latest design trends in the global market. Our aim is to provide a visual identity (graphic design, logo, UI/UX, packaging and product design) to the brand focusing on brand positioning, brand building, allied marketing, creative’s and social media.

Could you acknowledge us with the proceedings of getting featured.