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What is next? Next is AR/VR Content!

The research activity was very active during the period 2012–2015 and with high research activity from the companies like Sony, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Samsung and Osterhout-a leading company in Head-worn displays, the future usage of the technology applications are very high.

Augmented and Virtual reality content already a Billion Dollar market, so why not offer brands and publishers, a unified 360° Virtual Reality advertising platform, which is exactly what Omnivirt is doing.

SF based Omnivirt, is a 360° Virtual Reality advertising platform for brands and publishers. Audiences can view 360° content with just one tap of their fingertip on smartphones, tablets, and websites, with or without VR headset.

Incubig generated Innovation Profile of Ominivirt to uncover innovation insights from the research activity in the field of Virtual Reality, specifically Production and Transmission of Stereoscopic Image Signals and User Interaction.

High Patent activity is observed in the technological domains like Mixed Reality, Production and Transmission of Stereoscopic Signals, and Gesture based Interaction.

With already more than 4000 patents are granted under Gesture-Based Interaction, indicating that the future interaction technology will be completely immersive.

While I was typing this content, Ominivirt must have served hundreds of VR ads. Do visit Omnivirt’s Innovation Profile and don’t forget to checkout Omnivirt’s landing page, it’s beautiful!

Omnivirt’s Innovation Profile

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