Get your Startup Listed on Wikipedia - Wikipedia Page Creation Service


Google relies on Wikipedia to show biographical information in the Knowledge Panel. So to appear in knowledge, you need a Wikipedia page for your startup.

Here is what you will get:

You’ll get a Wikipedia page with:

  1. Introduction (up to 80 words)

  2. Company History (up to 100 words)

  3. Company Overview (up to 100 words)

  4. Company fact box on the right side with extended info:

    (Type, Industry, Founded, Headquarters, Area served, Products, Founder, Number of employees, Key people)

    +Company website link

    +Company logo

TAT: 2-3 weeks

Price: $850

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What if my company is not good enough for wikipedia?

  • I’ve created pages for even the smallest businesses, and their pages have been up and running for years. Just send me information about your company and your website url, I’ll tell you if we can make the page or not.

Do I have to pay upfront?

  • Yes, you have to pay 100% upfront.

Is my order covered by a guarantee?

  • Yes, your order is covered by a 6 months replacement & money back guarantee.


  • We will provide an immediate refund if we are unsuccessful in creating your wikipedia page. No refunds will be given once your page is live.

  • I may change or modify the contents of your page as I deem necessary in order to publish it successfully on wikipedia.

  • In case if you try to edit the page yourself or use another service and cause it to be removed, no refunds will be made.



This is some news. Wikipedia page for sale to businesses !


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