Getting the right people


Dear all,

I am about to start a business, but now the scare i have are the people i am going to work with.So far I have stopped three people i had planned to work with. I always get a feeling that people are not showing the passion i would expect from them.

I am currently still employed, so have the evenings and weekend to work on the startup. These lady i am now planning to work with is currently not employed, We have failed to meet for two weeks to discuss the task i gave her. One weekends, she seems to have engagements. Sunday she is resting (yet she is not employed). She want us to meet on weekdays. My week days are tight.

Me i gave up many social activities for the sake other startup. Now seems like it is me to bend my schedule to meet her than her to bend.

I am not seeing the passion i expected in her.

At the same time i feel, probably my expectations are too high.

Please help.


Looking for Co-Founder for App start up (Plan to apply to Y Combinator)

you can try to explain your expectation to that lady. If not she is ready to satisfy your expectation it better to unbound her. Take sometimes talk to many peoples, choose the person with good attitude. Tell your friends to suggest some person talk them and come to a conclusion.


Hi Toni,
Hiring people at a startup is the No. 1 problem Entrepreneur’s face.

Some questions which would help isolate the problem.

  • Do you have a proven business model ?

Entrepreneur’s expect the team members to be passionate about working at a startup and offer the employees critical exposure in the fields of business development, client interaction and Sales exposure to offset the employees concern of lower wages, uncertain tenure, and long working hours.
If you are hiring a relatively low skilled person then the advantages you are offering above are of no significance to them, and they just want to get better at what they do, and only startups can provide them such an opportunity.
If you have a proven business model, the lesser is the risk of misunderstandings between employees and the management, over abstract terms like Passion and Commitment.
All employees want is the kind of deliverables they are responsible for and the amount of time in which they have to execute their job, and any additional assistance as required to complete the job.

  • Are you a CEO-Founder ?

In general at a startup, A Founder is the architect of the company responsible for articulating the vision of the company and the reason for its existence.
A CEO-Founder (like a Tech Entrepreneur) has the added task of articulating the product management philosophy to his staff. Which means the conversation is constantly shifting between management imperatives with the rest of your management team, and technical matters with your staff. This can often lead to an unclear picture being presented to the technical team, who are actually foot soldiers who have little to do with the management of the organization. In fact i would go as far as saying that it is really against the interests of a large company for its CEO to directly engage with its employees on a full time basis.

Most startups (including mine) are facing this dilemma and i suggest creating some kind of genuine abstraction (like two separate working locations) to carefully juggle both responsibilities. In metros this is kind of possible for startups due to the city metros and convenient transport options across the various startup hubs.

  • Are you a people person ?

Most entrepreneur’s build products for the world around, but are unable to convince even people around them to take them seriously.Being a people person it is easy to network with strangers and find common areas of interest. People with Employee-Mindset and others with a Management-mindset can form a bond of Trust only when they both are able to accept each others differences, and see mutual benefit in their association.
Take the example of a product i am developing called Campus Connect. It is a social media application. In order to convince people that my product is worth downloading it is imperative i have some social and networking skills else how can i successfully maintain a social media application ? Same for your domain no matter what it might be , your skills and personality must clearly communicate that you are built for the job and have a deep rooted interest in the industry of your choosing, not a passive capitalistic mindset, which is not sufficient to be an entrepreneur in the field.

If you can share some more information about your line of work maybe your situation can be further understood.

All the best.


Thank you Ron and members,

I am finding this very useful so far,

I am thinking of waiting to engage people into my startup until i have fully established the business were i have clear staff roles and the number of staff required.

I am thinking, my business doesn’t require that much human labor at the start. I am developing a software and so far i have seen one customer and the excitement was too high. I have put in a lot of time to develop a very high quality product that speaks for its self. Less than 10% of my target clients in country have softwares (the ones that have, acquired them expensively from abroad). so see my self have a huge market if my product is good.

I have a feeling marketing my product will not be that complicated, I will move to a customer and make an appointment for a demonstration. The demonstration takes 1 to 2 hours. If i can meet one client per week, that will be perfect for me . This will give me sufficient moneys to put up some office infrastructure in about two months. right now i assume my home is my office.

After establishment, i intend to recruit two persons. 1. Highly technical who can also understand programming (this will be the sales representative). 2. Office manager with good IT background to also answer technical questions about the product.

I don’t intend to resign my current job soon so the office manager will do the daily management of the business.

Thank you