GST for a GTA doubts



I have a couple of doubts regarding GST,
this primarily is based on logistics, and the base is that there is a company non asset model has everything outsourced, then

  1. The road freight always has 5% without IC and 12% with IC,

  2. If the Road freight transaction is <1200rs then GST is not applicable,

  3. To apply gst the simple rule for a lay man would be if within the same state (eg 01 and 01) then apply C+S, if (01-any other state) then apply IGST as a whole and complete the bill, if (01- other is unregistered) then it is upto you how do you want to apply either C=S that is split the tax or as a whole with I

  4. the warehousing is charged at 18% and the same rule as point 3 will apply,

  5. Value added services are charged at what % and how

  6. if a road freight has loading and unloading also in the same bill how would it be charged. i know there are a lot of questions but if someone could help me out would be great,

please answer considering you are replying to a layman,

i appreciate your time and effort