Gst for e-commerce seller


Currently i am doing nothing, but I want to start my business by selling mens apparel on e commerce platform like Amazon and Flipkart.

I know that GST registration is mandatory to sell online, but my question is, if at beginning my sale is around 20 to 30 thousand per month in that condition will I have to pay GST TAX.?

Please tell me the whole procedure STEP BY STEP to pay GST TAX .

Thanks you


You don’t need worry about GST unless your annual turnover reaches 20,00,000 INR.


Dude I really suggest you to start learning digital marketing online…! It’s completely for a free of cost…! Mean while do affiliate with amazon, flipkart etc shopping sites…! At the starting stage u just keep starting promote amazon , flipkart , eBay and other products…! Blogs & fb pages will help u so far…! According to sale happens from ur link u will get some commission % and that can be transfer to ur bank after u reach some limits…! All that u need is laptop or PC with internet facility…! This will help u a lot…! GST is not for beginners…! Keep stay tune…!


If planning for amazon or flipkart seller u need to update ur gst when u signup for respective sellers…! Currently for ebay gst details is not mandatory try for that…!


Hi Amir,
There is no need for you to register for gst untill ur turnover exceeds 20L.
But there are conditions when you have to take gst registration even when you have turnover less than 20L. One of such condition is when you supply through e-commerce operator.
Hence, the moment you take gst registration, your liability to pay gst also starts. So every sale you make should be done by issuing a proper tax invoice. And you have to make payment of the balance gst,( I.e output gst less input gst) on the 20th of subsequent month in form gstr3b.
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You’re wrong, it’s mandatory to have a GSTin to do e-commerce business. Even if your annual transaction is less than 20l it’s mandatory to have one.
Without GST tin it’s not at possible to register yourself as a vendor in any of the existing e-commerce portals. Obtaining GST is simple and without GST you can’t to be a vendor (except eBay) please don’t mislead people with false and inaccurate advices. Its always better to answer when you have adequate knowledge about the subject.


Exemption has been provided to sellers if the turnover is below 20 lac


Nope. If you want to sell on ecommerce portal like flipkart, amazon, shopclues you compulsary need a GST number no matter what is your turnover.