GST registered but turnover less than 20l do i need to file gst


I run a small travel agency with turnover less than 20 lakhs i had to register for GST on insistence of hotels and vehicle vendors. DO I HAVE TO PAY GST if yes then what rate and calculations is to be done on entire transaction value or the commission earned. Moreover if i am not wrong hotels and transport vendors charge gst in their bill. How does it work. Request your guidance


Good afternoon Amit
You have embedded many questions in one so I will answer all one by one
First of all I assume that services provided by you are covered under tour operators

  1. Do you need to collect and pay gst : yes once you have registered yourself under gst you have to collect pay and file your gst return irrespective of your turnover
  2. Rate of gst you would have to charge is 5% including cgst and sgst 2.5% each or igst 5% as the case may be. The amount on which you have to charge gst is the gross amount you charge your customer
  3. Further you can’t claim input tax credit under this
  4. Service accounting code would be 9958

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