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I am Navin Gupta and need some clarification regarding GST rule on interstate trade. Previously we decided to have a marketplace for sellers to sell computers and electronics and acquired ST registration. Now due to some reason we scrapped marketplace model and product category and shifted to inventory model to sell clothing apparel. So now we will be selling clothing products on our own. We are based in Mumbai and have registered for GST in Maharashtra. I would like to know do I required registration in other states as well where we will ship our products. All our products will be shipped from Mumbai itself i.e. the origin state will be just one and from no other states. So is registration in Maharashtra suffice? Please help to clear this doubt.


Hi Gupta,
Congratulations, will you be shipping to the USA too.


Hi Mara,

No. Currently we are looking only for operations within India.

Navin Gupta



Can you clarify my doubt I have mentioned above.

Navin Gupat


One registration is sufficient to sell all over India if you are billing is from one place.If you are opening office in other states then only you need to register.


Navin What will be your POS ??
That is important for Billing no need to open your offices in any other state subject to your depot or supply of material. Lets say you are from mumbai with your Regd office. My advice is on the assumption that your POS or Goods are also in the same state.

Then no need to open or Register Offices in other states of India.


I hope this one GST is enough. You can sell across india. Do you have retail outlets and different companies in different states? or just one company and different outlet? The one company and different outlet do not require a separate GST. Its all one, unifying india with one simple registration for Indirect Taxes.

If you need anyfurther assistance, let me know.

btw, im not a CA specialist :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank You so much :slight_smile: I confirmed this few days ago with a CA.


How much do you charge for ROC filing? Can you please confirm?


Hi Navin,

We Charges for the Annual Fiiling (Form AOC-4 and MGT-7) of a normal private limited company with ROC @Rs2500 per year excluding challans for government fees


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Hi Navin,

You can visit at Virtual Office Spaces, Virtual Offices for GST Registration | InstaSpaces . They can help you with all the issues related your GST registrations and they provide registrations at different location in india.