GST Registration



We’re a game development startup and lately the Google Play Store gives frequent reminders to sign up for GST. My understanding is it isn’t really necessary since we aren’t near the minimum income levels, but when I tried to sign up I found the process horrible and in the end it wasn’t possible on my own.

Has anyone else had experience doing the sign up process? I did the several pages of the online form, but in the end in order to sign with my DSC I needed to register the DSC with them…but in order to do that they needed I needed another set of numbers (UIN and an older tax ID…if I remember correctly) which I don’t have

Any ideas, suggestions or ways to deal with this?


Dear Greg,

I understand your situation but most of the corporate or known companies wants to deal only with GST registered vendor. Reason is very simple. If a GST registered person deal with unregistered dealer, he needs to pay GST to government in RCM. I hope you understood. Let me know if you need some help from me.