GST Related Enquiry for Water Purifiers


I have a peculiar problem. We do electricity free water purifiers which benefits the bottom of the pyramid. Unfortunately neither words ,“water Purifier” nor “water filter” appear in any of the classification in HS codes of GST listing. I have orders mostly from direct buyers and NGOs. Now the dilemma if from the earlier CST (to other states w/o C form) was 5%, so was local TIN VAT 5%, so we were able to sell at basic +5%. Now some say that the goods have 18% GST so we are in a confusion whether to charge or not 18% above the basic cost. If yes, under what HS code? If not can we mention exempted, and not charge at all? IMHO, Government should bar such essential goods from taxing. Many dispatches stuck, no help from the help desk of GOI GST council. Apply apply no reply :roll_eyes:


Hi ,
So what exactly happened when you tried reaching the helpdesk?

As per the rate sheet of the GST Council Meeting, Producer Gas or water gas generators, with or without their purifiers; (Sl. no 84 in the GST Rate Schedule document) attract 18% tax.


This is not producer gas or water gas generators, RON, simple water purifier (see Or for that reason wondering how R.O suppliers will bill now? The mails to help desk does not get any reply.


try calling them on their toll free number.
There’s a review online citing that water purifiers would fall under 18% slab.