GST related query w.r.t goods & services



Kindly let me know the treatment of GST and Credit mechanism for a supplier (say from Delhi) supplying goods & services to a purchaser (say from Mumbai) wants these goods and services (composite) (say in Punjab) where the supplier doesnt have a branch. how will GST be charged and will the purchaser be able to take credit for the same.kindly advise


Surprised no classification or HS code for non -
electricity based water purifiers which we provide to rural India. Under wrong category of ceramics comes a word water purifiers less than 40 ltr capacity with 18 % GST. We were doing below 1000 a purifier sale now forced to pay 12 % more than the old 5% vat. Ratification or exemption needed. No reply received from any tweets to respective gst forum committee or Ministry