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Hello People,
I wanted to know about which are the best resources to understand the process, working of an E-Commerce based Industry. (Apart from google). And also is it really necessary to have a Working background or Experience to start an E-Commerce bases Business as right now I am studying for my 3rd Year Graduation?

Thanks in Advance


Dear nileshagarwal,
It is very good to start something of your own, since you are in graduation so you have the time to get expertise some compter course related to the E-com, we have plaenty of successful examples to get our moral up.
I suggest that get the complete information about your dream project its pros and cons customer requirements and needs, analyse all of them and extract conclusion also think about hte revenue stream from the project.

I am open for discussions, sharing of knowledge first of all ask yourself what i actually want to do, then resources and them implementation part comes into the picture.


Pawan Kalyani


Hi Nilesh,
Though the world is becoming increasingly a flat place to do business,in my opinion the e-commerce solutions like Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento are still heavily skewed in favor of customers/contract-terms/logistics in developed countries. However India is catching up very quickly with sites like flipkart , amazon and snapdeal registering rising sales numbers, though the bottomline profits of these companies continue to sag.

The best way to understand the process of selling online is to try and do it yourself. Create your own e-commerce site using one of the various options available on the internet, optionally even using one of the big 3 i have mentioned above .
Talking of e-commerce sites, Alibaba deserves special mention because vendors can directly upload their merchandise on stores and sell to the end customers across the world. The model imo is largely successful because of the founders vision to connect china’s thriving export oriented local business to the world via the internet.[quote=“nileshagarwal, post:1, topic:1016”]
(Apart from google).

Most of the info i have shared above is mined from google. In terms of legal hurdles (eg- VAT Registration to sell goods onilne) you should get in touch with a Company secretary understand how the process of company incorporation takes place and take special care to draft your MOA and AOA to suit your specific needs in the ecommerce / retail business and a Chartered Accountant who can explain various other intricacies involved in starting a retail store.

If u actually go through many of the posts on this forum lot of the folks are retail entrepreneurs

I am not aware of that but usually where there is a will there is a way. Having said that you must understand the legal side of things before you venture out on any business . So do talk to a CA and a CS . I would also say since this may be your first venture it might not be a good idea to go it alone, and you need a good financial backer so that you can concentrate on learning the business.

All the best.
Ron Abraham


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