Have an idea and want to register a company quickly?



Hello ,
Do you have a business idea and want to register a pvt limited company quickly to reduce the administrative work associated with registration?

We, the directors of Trinitium Technolgies registered in Kerala is planning to close down the company. If you know about it, it is not such an easy task to close down, considering the time and process involved. An easier way for us is if some one interested in registration can take the ownership from us (which is of less administrative challenge for both parties)

It is just the company name that is registered, we do not have a bank account/or operations or liabilities or website.We had some idea which we started working on, but the collaboration we planned with another company didn’t went through and the directors moved out of India in mean time. We can transfer 100% of the company shares to any interested party and is not expecting any price towards the sale (govt/CA charges to be paid to respective parties)

Interested parties can contact the directors over whatsapp
Sreeram - +1 226 507 6521
Mohammed - +65 8366 1044
Jerry - +64 21 716 102