Have you ever thought to start a poultry farm business?



Here you are!!
Want to open a Chicken farm for selling meat but don’t know how? Fear not! We’ll take you through some of the basic steps for opening a chicken farm. Chicken in India is the most popularly consumed meat. Popular, especially amongst young generation who prefer lean meat over red meat, chicken in India, has a huge market. Well, considering this, opening a chicken farm might seem to be rewarding. Well, yes, it is. But the competition is also on the higher side, as one in ten shops is a meat shop where you can find the chicken.

The first step

First of all, you need to decide what kind of business you want to do- whether you want to raise your chicken for meat or for eggs. Once you have identified whether you want to raise your chicken for eggs or meat, you buy broiler chicken or layer chicken (for eggs). You may also consider incubating the eggs which are not for human consumption, i.e., hatching the chicks and selling them to be reared as broiler or layer chicken. Chicken farming can prove to be very productive if you properly lay out a plan and business objective to identify your goal.

This kind of business has multiple sectors into which you may dive according to your financial capabilities: Read more…