Hello to all revolutionary Entrepreneurs,



I am Akash Grover and looking for a potential business idea to start up my own Enterprise. Kindly suggest me some

Thanks and Regards
Akash Grover


Hi Akash,

What is your investment potential? Based on this, I can suggest something. You may write to me at newisbr■yahoo.com


Hey akash,

I am already associated with a company which is not exactly a start up but is small and has a potential to scale up with investments.

we can work out something depending on the amount you are ready to invest.

For details you can DM me at darshandaivagna■gmail.com


Hi Akash,
We are a team of MIT Sloan alumni and working on a big ticket item. We can discuss on potential collaboration based on the qualification criteria we have set.


Hi Akash,

An enterprise is an embodiment of Entrepreneur’s idea. You build your enterprise on your own idea.

As such, idea should come from you. Other things like finance, Team etc can be taken from outside.

Build a business around your passion. You will never get bored.

Best wishes,

Shiva Kumar