Here is my new project



I have been working so long on a project and now it is finally live I need your feedback as well as support.
This project is basically about a freelancing site dedicated to students aged between 15 to 24 years and startups who can not afford to hire professionals.
This project will be very helpful for students as now they can easily get the freelance project.
I am launching this on 1 July.

please share your valuable suggestions and views about this

Note: you can surely punish me if you think its a promotional post.


Hi… Ayush this is Madhu iam intrested please call me 8074347146 or send your number


I will give you call back by tomorrow


I think its good that your website is up , but at best its a beta product that will help you to test the market for traction.
In parallel you need to do a proper study of the freelancer market (both customers and freelancers) and then slowly grow your startup to be a platform for exchange . Study websites likes and see how you can differentiate your platform idea as an indigenous innovation.

You have a lot of competition from bigger players in this space, so i think its a good idea to create, scale and get acquired handsomely by the larger players in the space.

All the best.


Congratulations. I’ve just seen your Easywork platform and it’s really well made.
It will definitely be a success one day.

I have the following suggestions for you.

  1. Promote your page on facebook. Your audience is easy to find via Facebook.

2.You have to many categories to start with. Initially, you should only have one category, maybe “Content writer”. - This makes your site easy to market and people will remember you.

  1. Get many “Freelancers” to sign up for your platform and afterwards write on your website, how many freelancers are registered so far.

  2. You should not take money the first 4-6 months. Give it free so people sign up and write REVIEWS

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