Here is your business checklist!



So you want to start a business – congratulations! Once you get over the initial excitement, it’s time to break down the process of launching your startup into manageable chunks.

Registering a Company
An Indian company is registered by first filling in an INC-1 Form. Incorporation of a company is governed by the Companies Act, 1956. It is a very important part of legislation and empowers the central Government to oversee the formation, financing, running and winding of companies. Note that the there is a separate set of procedures for registration of different kinds of business organisation.

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Thanks very much for the checklist.

But please re-word the link you’ve posted to make it very clear that it will take us away from this site, to a new site. In it’s present form, it is misleading.


Thanks for your feedback, I have corrected it.


Additionally I will say that your list is mostly an advertisement for the services you offer and does NOT give an OBJECTIVE picture of starting a business in India.

For example, registering a company is ONLY REQUIRED if one crosses certain thresholds or fulfils certain conditions.

I say so by personal experience - I have established an online store and sell apparel without formally registering my company at this stage.

Nor do I need any office as a registered address - since my business is entirely online, my registered address is my residential address.

And similarly, requirement of a Digital Signature is also not mandatory to opening start-up.

There may be other discrepancies that I’ll leave for others to search, find and illuminate. Suffice to say, that honesty would have been appreciated instead of cloaking promotion of your business as a useful resource - it damages the credibility of your firm, not something you’d want to do on such a professional forum.


I Am J M Sablok
From Entrada,An IT Solution ,start Up,Company Wef June 2016
I Am Trying To Get Registered For Business From Govts
But Not Able To Lay Hands Upon Any Appropriate Link
Govts Are Asking Three Years Experience+Rs 3 Crores Turnover
Please Guide