Hi need plan for idea to launch as business



Hi, anyone have any plan sheet or guide me to make a plan for my new startup. If anyone interested please give me the details or please comment your details. Thank you.




Hello Sir, we have an idea…we are working on that…prototype is ready.
Would you like to collaborate with us ?
Can we discuss.


Yeah off course, let me know if I can join you guys…


Yes sure sir, you are most welcome., In which way you will contribute to our startup ?


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Lets connect and discuss in detail.



here is my whatsapp number please ping me:9700130351


Checkout the article - https://medium.com/@climb.lean/how-and-where-can-i-get-good-startup-ideas-cd0ca5f8f176

If you are still looking for help, ping back.



We are startup consulting and business planning. We can help & consult you right from idea to make it reality.

PM for details.



This is my WhatsApp number you can reach me there 9160310256


Yes we have a readily available products with reliable revenue generation option to instantly start online business. So for further details please visit “Appkodes” products.


Hi Prasad,

If serious about your idea. You can connect with me over the phone +91 98101 28064 and I help mentor your plan for the launch of your own business!

Best Regards,
Tarun Sachdeva
Email - TarunSachdevaâ– outlook.com


It is good that you are planning to launch a business. According to me, online business is a good option. To start any business you must have an idea and also it depends upon your skills. To start a business online you can create an online store. if you want to know more details about how to create an online store, you can check here: https://store.webkul.com



There is a company name India Accelerator that helps people looking to start up something new. They provide with different services such as startup mentors that guide you, funding for your business and also help with work locations.
One of my relative have started a new startup and they also went to them for the same. so you can also consult them for the same.
For more you can visit: https://www.indiaaccelerator.co/


Sometimes, people have skills, finance, labor & time but what they lack “an idea” or a brainchild that will transform their lives. Here, are some of the online money making ideas that could make your dream of having a successful business true: