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I would like to know how can my company hire a full-time employee and ask him to work from home? How will I keep an eye on them that they are not involved in any other work just like a regular office coming employee?
Please help.


Can you share (maybe thru DM if its a private matter) a bit of the background ?
Are you a freelancer, or a tech / BPO startup , or a young organization ?

Employees perform better when they are in a environment where they are encouraged to perform better.
You can identify a good co-working place which has CCTV if you are concerned about their moving around while on office hours.
You can also request the employee to update the logbook for in & out timings at Begin and end of day.
In fact some office space providers give you Employee IDs with tracking.

If possible avail of a VPN service to keep employees on your network and prevent them from accessing unwanted sites via proxies.
Anything beyond that like logging software can amount to unnecessary employee surveillance which can kill productivity and trust between you and your employees.

If the employee in question would like to avail of Work From Home facility , ask them to work at least an hour or two extra on a daily basis and tell them to keep a log book to record daily productivity.
In fact you can create the excel sheet in google docs with tasks and time columns for them and ask them to update it in real time.
Also have a weekly / fortnightly IN PERSON review meeting to see if the WFH facility is productive for your organization.


Use Slack for communication and have them give frequent updates + Some Time-Tracking App and let the person know that you trust them. If they don’t live upto your trust, maybe that’s better to find out sooner rather than later.


Certain apps and softwares can help you track down what your employee is doing.
Coworking space is preferred but will cost you a bit…somewhere around 4-6k depending upon the locality and facilities available.


can you list those apps for me, please?


this might come handy…


Now-a-days Working Virtually is the new way to work. Wordpress, World most widely used content management system has all of his employee virtually, you can check it out here.

The trend of working virtually is growing and world top companies choose coworking space to keep track of working hours of their employees.

As far the cost of coworking space; If you go for coworking space in tier-2 cities of India, Such as Indore it will definetly going to reduce your operational cost, due to availability of cost effective workforce and coworking space with including all the professional amenities will cost you around Rs. 3,500/Mo. which is the most cost effective way to hire the employee and work virtually.