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So one of biggest issue before initial launch we are facing is hiring in budget so i was wondering how do you guys go about hiring in low budget? its been real touhg for us to hire 2 coders and 4 support staff for our nearly ready to launch product


Challenges Building a Right Team for your Startup

What kind of a product / service are you creating ?
Based on domain i think there are institutions of learning/ technical training you can approach to help you with providing software development assistance.
There is of course the strategy of hiring part timers, or even interns but it all depends on what kind of work it is.


its a tech product build in core php we have build the product it self but looking to build a team for future possiblity in softwares and not looking to outsource any part of it


Have you tried https://angel.co ?


Tell me you current cost, and field of developers and support staff so i can help you

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you should not have much trouble finding Php developers in our country :smile: right ?
In fact from a maintenance point of view also PHP is a great option then.

If you know any one in recruitment, im sure they can easily get you a handful of PHP profiles.
The key is i feel not to job post on naukri , but get in touch with a local recruitment agency (or several) and ask them to source profiles for you. Frankly they will take care of the bother of finding profiles, from what ive discussed with members on the forum.

As @abhishek has mentioned you can try startup related job sites like jobspire.net , hasgeek ,angel.co letsintern etc . Maybe even approach owners of co-working spaces and startup incubators in your city.

All the best.


@Ron thing is we are in budget and need a good coder at same time… well i haven’t tried contacting HR companies till now but it seem like only option. I do have used sites like angel and jobspire.net but what i figure out is that most job seekers are using this site to find jobs in well funded startups and expect great pay while working for less hours in a startup environment…


Interestingly yours is the kind of problems that I see can be resolved using this startups forum . There are scores of entrepreneurs out here who are I believe would be seasoned PHP programmers .
You have to think out of the box sometimes to solve such problems and strike a balance between finding a seasoned expert and an inexperienced developer .
i think you should update your location details , share a bit about your product (this is the inevitable reality ) and gauge the interest of php programmers on this forum (and if u know other forums like Reddit , affimity, fb where you will get a good response )
I concede as of now your problem does not have a easy solution . @abd.sam0946 is also facing a similar problem in sourcing as yours , and is trying to develop a product in this area !
If you want and have the time, interest we can brainstorm on finding a good resource , Coz someday even I will be facing this I’m sure , as are many others on startupsforum !

All the best

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Hi Prateek,

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Challenges Building a Right Team for your Startup